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Get Fit Not Slim

Nutrition Certified. 20, UK and on a journey fitness. Join me! I've lost 25/30lbs and kept it off. Meal plans are now available, see the links to the right. Personalised meal plans are also available, email at:

Feeling fab after fasting yesterday :)


We were going through our flatmates tinder the other night.. check this. Cruel but hilarious.
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I did this with my legs.. A before and ‘during’ second picture taken this morning and I hope by the end of the 10 week challenge I’ve set for myself I’ll see even more abbs :D
Before:180lbs Current:136lbs Goal:130lbs Join me on my journey!! :D
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Fasting will make people gain weight afterwars. You should watch videos of peoples experiences from youtube. Mostly everybody gain weight after.

You’re talking to somebody who has been using intermittent fasting as a successful technique for around a year and a half. 

Some forms of fasting are poorly planned and can result in this, yes. 

so if i drank some vodka and soda about half a small bottle to get drunk and eat healthy the rest of the time i should be okay?

I’m not gonna say ‘yeah that’s great’, because it’s not. But if you feel like drinking is a part of your life you don’t want to give up now/yet then that should be fine with regards to not putting on weight etc. 

Yeah Ive been exercising and I'm not due on for another two weeks, can i honestly gain stone from muscle and look the same? everyone says i don't look like i have out on weight

You gain muscle very slowly so you and the people in your life might not have noticed the slow transformation