Get Fit Not Slim
19, female, UK. Working at getting fit and toned as opposed to slim and boney. Join me on my journey :)

Anonymous asked: are all these guys you are dating now friends of yours or how do you know all of them?

What do you mean ‘all these guys’?? I’ve been on one date! :p 

Some I know from before, some are put on to me (via friends) and some will be new meets :) 

  -  18 April

Wednesday’s date wants to meet me tomorrow, eeeee. Also I’m supposed to be meeting a ridiculously fit (in every sense :p ) guy on Sunday eve. Ooola! 

Unlimited Lazy Day Promo!


After finishing exams and working the last 2 days I’m taking today as a nothing day. I’ll be on the internet all day so feel free to talk to me!

  • Must be following: me
  • Fitblrs only, no pro-ana or mia
  • Reblogs only please
  • Check out my favourite fitblrs list (I updated it!) 

Have a great Friday everyone!!

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