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19, female, UK. Working at getting fit and toned as opposed to slim and boney. Join me on my journey :)

Anonymous said: ive heard he can be a dick, but he's always been fine and treated me nicely, thing is when you ask people why the dont like him, they always say 'i dont know'. they complain about him saying he's slept with girls (months ago), but he's 19, surely theres worse things he couldve be doing?

Doesnt matter if he’s slept with people, no.
I guess you just have to decide if he’s worth the risk :)

  -  30 July

i just told my ex that he ‘didn’t last long’ with regards to the fact that we didn’t go out for long. But I think he thinks I meant he came too quick cos he seems really fucked off now ahahahahah

Anonymous said: Is this a big enough breakfast? An apple, 3 strawberries, half a handful of blueberries and about 8 raspberries? Should I eat more? If so, what do you suggest? (:

I suggest you eat that…but on top of a massive fucking bowl of oatmeal. 

officialjenniferprunty said: dont hold your tongue. ive been there it only gets worse if you dont do anything about it

I just made a pointed comment that im getting pretty pissed off with people implying that im a slut just because I’ve been casually dating guys the last 2 or 3 months. 

I’m dating her housemate at the moment (she’s the fucking one who tried to set us up for fucksake!) and so now she likes to keep implying that he’s this sweet little innocent thing who i dont deserve because im a fucking whore.

Although actually this time I was trying to point out that just because her boyfriend talks to people online doesn’t mean he’s trying to fuck them so she should stop being such a jealous bitch (in nicer words…lol), ‘yeah well you talk to people online and you try to fuck half of them’.


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