Get Fit Not Slim
19, female, UK. Working at getting fit and toned as opposed to slim and boney. Join me on my journey :)

Anonymous asked: No no, like someone asking for help.

I always respond to those messages. Sometimes it just takes me a little while.

I assume you sent one of the ones I havent answered yet. I’ll get to them tomorrow :) I like to answer properly and that just isnt feasible at half midnight on a work night!

  -  25 April

Anonymous asked: Out of genuine curiosity, what would be a reason you would not respond to a message?

Abuse so poorly formed it isnt worthy of an answer.

Dearest anon, im not going to waste my time on your follow up anonymous hate. Grow some balls!

Anonymous asked: I feel genuinely sorry for you that you need that much male gratification that you need to shag fucking everyone. so what you assumed that he had sex with some girl when you proudly screwed anyone you could get your hands on? Dirty. Urkkkk

Oh do one, lol. We’ve broken up, and I like sex. So im having sex, whatever. On the other hand he was seeing someone whilst we were together, slightly different.

I’m sorry if a female enjoying sex offends you, but this is the 21st century so youre gonna have to get the fuck over it and stop being a whiney little bitch.

staysanegetfit asked: What juicer do you use and was it expensive?

i cant remember the brand… i picked it up secondhand for £10 lol 

  -  24 April

Absolutely loving juicing! <3 sooo good 

Anonymous asked: Also, does your ex know you have this blog? & does he read it?

Yes he does  and I don’t know (or care) 

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